Cutting Edge Toy Technology for Children

Your kids probably love brand new toys and this can sometimes be frustrating when you are trying to buy them a gift for an upcoming birthday. There are so many brand new toy technologies on the market, that it might be downright confusing to figure out which one is best suited for you. The first step to finding a good quality toy is to understand what your kids like and which toys they really want.

The Latest Tech Gadgets in Movie Streaming and E-books

The Latest Tech Gadgets in Movie Streaming and E-books

Will There Ever Be Something That Will Trump Netflix?
Netflix seems to be the crowning achievement of Internet streaming for movies. Simply put, Netflix commands the best of both worlds concerning movies. They offer a comprehensive streaming plan or a DVD rental program for every consumer. What is more, you can watch high quality movies on your home computer, TV or mobile device.

The Future of Movie Streaming And E-books
There may not

The Cutting Edge in Home Security Technology

Technology is ever evolving and this is true of all forms of technology including home security. For those wishing to protect their property and loved ones, acquiring the most advanced home security systems might be among the best steps to take.

Smarter surveillance would be among the newer technological developments that has emerged. Motion sensors have become smarter and can tell the difference between a child, a small dog and a human being moving in an aggressive manner.

Controls are

Technological Advancements in 4G Mobile Internet

Technological Advancements in 4G Mobile Internet

With all four carriers now firmly focusing on LTE, the latest news is all about which areas, or markets, are going to see 4G. Freezing temperatures and strong winds have done nothing to slow down the progress, and the battle over who will have the biggest — and best — 4G coverage is far from over.

Verizon and Sprint have both been going strong, with the latter company attempting to catch up to the networks that were already working on LTE while Sprint was struggling to make WiMax work. Just two weeks after the start of the year, the CDMA network released a list over over two dozen markets. Southern states such as Georgia and Alabama made the list, and Michigan and Pennsylvania will also see expanded 4G cover from Sprint.

Verizon is still working on expanding 4G coverage, too. Big Red recently announced a short list of metropolitan areas that will soon see blazing 4G speeds.

  • Coos Bay, OR
  • Pendleton, OR
  • Yakima, WA

Smaller companies refuse to be ignored. While regional cell carriers might not have the numbers, they’re not giving up the fight, yet. C Spire plans to build 4G LTE infrastructure for customers in Philadelphia, and other markets will follow. The company is advertising this as the nation’s only “personalized” 4G network; although, it’s unclear what exactly that means.

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The Newest Communications Technology and Why We Need It?

The Newest Communications Technology And Why We Need It?

The newest communications that are in our life are not necessarily new, per se. Now, I know that may seem like a contradiction, but hear me out. The number one tool or method for communication in our society today is social media networks. By social media, I am referring to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Google Plus. These are all sites geared to boost communication in real time with our friends and family. In a sense, this has in some instances replaced real life face to

The Newest Technology to Make our Lives Easier

The Newest Technology To Make Our Lives Easier

The newest technology that has made our lives easier is what is commonly referred to as the smart-phone. Essentially, the smart-phone is a sophisticated cell phone that can function like a mini computer. It has the ability to store information, has a small hard drive, allows access to the Internet, and provides application function like games, musical instruments, calendars and more.

In a sense, the smart-phone has revolutionized the

Is that Star Trek or Real Medicine?

Star Trek, the popular Sci-fi franchise, offers a glimpse into the possibilities of the future. Although most of the technology used in the many Star Trek series is far beyond the human race’s current capabilities, the medical field is making huge strides in bridging the gap between what is technologically real and still fictional. One such example is the use of fiber-optic laser probes to “cook” tumors.

After surgery and chemotherapy are ruled out as possible treatments for

The Newest Technology in Law Enforcement

Technology has made a difference in everyone’s life. Everywhere you go, you see someone with a smart phone, ipod, laptap, etc. Every aspect of our lives today has been taken over by techonology. The technology age has also begun to reach the field of law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies are also getting new technology to help with solving crimes and finding criminals.

Over the years we have seen an incease in DNA technology, online searches for criminals, etc. Everyday they are trying to find technology to continue to improve law enforcements ability to fight crime. The newest technology that

On the Cutting Edge of Technology

On the Cutting Edge of Technology

We are on the cutting edge of technology, and it can be seen in the ways we shop to the way we read news. It is a changing world, and we may not just occupy Earth in the near future, we may be able to move to Mars. It has been a month since the first landing of Curiosity on Mars, and what it is discovering is shedding more light on the possibility of humans living on Mars.

NASA wants to send